Our London tree surgeons

We are a group of self-employed professionals. Each of us loves what we do for a living, and that shows in our results.

Luke Geddes, one of our tree surgeons in London

Luke Geddes

Luke and his brother spent much of their school holidays free climbing hundred foot trees in the magical Bodnant Gardens on the edge of Snowdonia in north Wales. Bodnant’s tree surgeons built their tree house in a big old oak. Aged 15 Luke’s school career questionnaire’s top suggestion was forestry. After several years working in offices, in 2007 he trained and qualified as a tree surgeon with the same man who built the tree house 25 years previously, and hasn’t looked back since. Luke moved to London in 2012, and passed his Certified Arborist exam in 2013.

Micah Campbell

That’s dedication for you. It was cold, windy, and snowing heavily, but he still spent all day thinning out the canopy of a large plane tree over a busy pavement and road. Respect. Originally from Northampton, Micah became a highly valued regular with us from day one in London as it quickly became clear that he has the gift.

John Burton, our tree surgeon in Wales

John Burton (Wales tree surgeon)

John has a PhD in fuel injection systems. He said no to a lucrative career in Formula 1 to climb trees. He lives with his wife and three children in the house he built on a Snowdonian hillside where he also farms sheep. He is a skilled climber and technician and our valued colleague for Welsh operations.

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