Pruning trees in north London

Here are just a couple of recent examples showing how pruning trees can give them a more pleasing shape and allow more light through, thereby making your garden a more enjoyable place.

First, a twenty foot tall apple tree and a smaller pear tree:


Pruning trees: Before and after photos of apple tree and pear tree
Reducing & reshaping a big apple and pear.

Second, reducing and thinning out a dense, dark holly. This was achieved by removing the smallest three out of the four original vertical stems, and then reducing the height and reshaping the remainder.


Pruning trees: a holly tree before and after reduction and thin by north London tree surgeons
A holly tree before and after reduction and thin.


If you like what you’ve seen here, and would like to discuss how we can help with your trees and garden, please get in touch.

Pruning trees: recent work on a big apple, a small pear, and a dense, dark holly

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