Here we show our work pruning wisteria. It is very hardy, and grows quickly. Properly maintained, it can be magnificent. Left unchecked, it can quickly get out of control. In some cases it can grow through closed windows, and clog up gutters. The one below had climbed up some old phone lines on the right, and onto the roof.

According to the Royal Horticultural Society (click here for their page), it should be pruned twice each year. First in January or February, then again in July or August.

Below are three photos of the same plant. The first was taken in July. The plant had not been pruned in some time. There are few flowers, and not easily visible. The second photo was taken after our winter prune. This is when to prune back to two or three buds. This tidies up the plant before the growing season starts and ensures the flowers will not be obscured by leaves. The third and final photo was taken that April.

wisteria before our summer prune
wisteria before our summer prune
Tidy wisteria immediately after winter prune
Maintained wisteria in spring.

We also managed to remove the wisteria from the roof and the old phone lines. The phone lines were already severed and not in use so we took those down too. This made it harder for the wisteria to get back onto the roof in future.

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Pruning wisteria

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