Eucalyptus trees thrive in London’s climate. Being evergreen, they provide year round colour. They also grow fast, and grow back relatively quickly after being reduced. Here we show our work reducing a Eucalyptus tree on Tufnell Park Road. It had been reduced before, then grown back, then reduced again but at a higher level. After the second reduction it was soon back to the same size. Therefore we quoted to “reduce back to the penultimate reduction points, maintaining shorter regrowth”. Here is the result:

Reducing a Eucalyptus tree
Eucalyptus tree before and after reduction

By comparing the height of the tree to the houses behind it, you can see it has been reduced by about half. This job took us one day, taking care with pedestrians and the caravan beneath.

The end result was a smaller, lighter, safer, natural looking tree.

Did you like our work reducing a Eucalyptus tree? If you would like to discuss how we can help with your trees, hedges, or climbing plants, please get in touch.

Reducing a Eucalyptus tree

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