Here we show our work reducing a pine tree. They provide year round colour and privacy, as well as being popular with the birds. They also give welcome shade from the summer sun, and can smell good. Click here for some more benefits of pine trees.

Someone else had reduced it years before, and it had grown back. So the specifications for our work were:

  1. reduce back to previous reduction points, maintaining shorter regrowth.
  2. reduce lower branch over the car park to the southwest [on the left in the photos], maintaining privacy over the gate.
  3. remove any cuttings arising from our work. [We always do this, unless the customer wants to keep some. A pile of cuttings can make good habitat for insects and animals.]

Below are photos from before our work, on the left, and after our work, on the right.

We pruned out branches back to the parent stem, or back to the previous reduction point. Also, pine trees often get clogged up with their own dead needles. So we cleared out lots of those. The end result was a smaller, tidier, significantly less dense tree. Much more sunlight passed through the canopy after our work.

We did the whole job taking care not to damage the plants in the bed at the base of the tree. You can see them in the photo on the right, enjoying the sun.

On this job we were working over the public pavement. So as usual we put up signs warning pedestrians of the work, and the groundsman wore a high visibility top.

If you’ve liked our work reducing a pine tree, please get in touch.

Reducing a pine tree

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