Tree surgery London

We happily work with individuals, and any organisation, including schools and all sorts of companies.

When we receive your enquiry, Certified Arborist Luke Geddes will contact you to arrange a visit to discuss your needs and evaluate the job. After the visit, he will then send you a quote by email that describes the proposed works and states the cost. If the site is close enough to us in N16, the quote is free and with no obligation. Most of our work is within about five miles.

If you accept the quote, Luke will lead the team on site that carries out the work.

As well as ensuring a result that meets both your needs and that of the tree, the team will make every effort to protect your property. This means moving out of harms way anything that can be easily moved, and protecting and avoiding whatever can not.

If the only way to remove the cuttings arising from the work is through a building, for example your house, this includes putting dust sheets down to avoid damaging the floors.

Before the work starts, we also move anything in the work area that can be moved out of harm’s way. And we either protect or try our best to avoid damaging anything that can’t be moved, including other plants. That goes for any affected neighbours’ gardens too.

To further reduce to practically zero the risk of making any marks on the walls while taking the cuttings through the house, we cut them down to manageable lengths in the garden, wrap them in a builders’ sack and carry them through in sensibly sized loads. We don’t drag anything through the building.

Before we leave, we will clear up and put everything back how it was before we started.

Working over pavements: safety first

We have a lot of experience working over public pavements. Safety is the most important aspect of tree work. So in these situations we put out signs to warn the public, and whoever is working on the ground wears a high visibility top. If the tree is over a parking bay, we’ll often book a parking suspension to reduce the risk of damaging any cars.

An environmentally-friendly approach

LG trees cares for the environment. We advise against removing healthy trees whenever possible and recommend replanting when removal is necessary. We recycle all our cuttings responsibly.

You may find our work surprisingly quiet. Using hand saws and secateurs facilitates our sensitive approach to tree work. Most of our chainsaws and hedge trimmers are battery powered. Despite being just as effective, they make considerably less noise than their petrol equivalents. They have also reduced our reliance on fossil fuels.

We make monthly donations to The Woodland Trust, Cool Earth, and the World Wildlife Fund.

Please see below for an outline of our tree surgery services for London.

If you need a Professional Tree Inspection with a written report and recommendations backed by professional indemnity insurance, we can recommend someone. This can be good for peace of mind if the risk posed by trees is a concern.

Please note we do not supply wood chip, mulch, logs, or any other tree based material. It all goes from the jobs, onto the van, to a big compost/biomass/log business in Enfield.

Planting trees

We are happy to carry out this essential work. Successful planting comes down to using high quality trees and good planting procedures, and planting the right tree in the right place. See our Planting trees page for more details.

Tree pruning

Our pruning will maintain or improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees. For example, a tree’s canopy can be reduced or thinned out sensitively to leave a natural shape while increasing light penetration and reducing wind resistance. See our Tree pruning page for more details.

Tree removal

Sometimes trees must be removed. For example, a dead or dying tree might pose a danger. See our Tree removal page for more details.

Applications for planning permission

If you accept our quote and your trees are within a conservation area and/or protected by Tree Preservation Orders then we will apply for planning permission on your behalf. We only ask for a modest deposit from you as submitting the application does take some time. The deposit amount will be deducted from the eventual invoice for the job itself, or refunded to you in the unlikely event that the council does not give permission.

Contact us for more information about tree surgery

For more information about our tree surgery services, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.