Tree surgery on a big lime tree

Just a quick post from your friendly north London tree surgery experts showing our work cleaning out epicormic shoots from the crown of a big lime tree and thinning out the regrowth from the previous pollard points. Here are the before and after shots, taken from different angles due to lighting:

North London tree surgery: lime tree before and after crown clean
Lime tree before and after

And here’s one of me up the tree:

Tree surgery: using two redirects and five pulleys in a big lime tree
Tree surgeon using two redirects and five pulleys

You might spot the tree surgeon, but you can’t see the five pulleys engaged in his active rope system to allow access to where he his, necessitated by the goblet shape of the remaining crown after a previous reduction i.e. no central anchor. That’s one micro pulley in his main anchor which is taking most of his weight, a redirect double pulley anchored higher up the same stem, two pulleys in parallel as another redirect above where he is now, and the final pulley where the climbing rope attaches to his harness. Pulleys and redirects made this job safe and easy enough to be possible. And the sun was out. Score!

Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

North London tree surgery: crown clean and thin of a big lime tree in Hampstead.

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