Here we are reducing a London plane tree.

Q: What is London’s most common tree? A: This is, after extensive planting during Victorian times. They are easy to find in London’s roads and parks. They also produce fine filaments that can irritate the skin and lungs. For this reason we will only work them during spring or summer as a last resort. Much better in winter.

They are routinely maintained as ‘pollards’. This means they are initially cut back to stumps. They are then regularly pruned ideally every 2-3 years by removing all the regrowth at the previous reduction points.

Below are the during and after photos of our work re-pollarding a plane tree in a back garden in Hackney. ‘During’ as the climber had already started by the time I took the first photo. So you can see where he’s removed the regrowth at the top of the tree.

Reducing a London plane tree
During and after reducing a London plane tree

The job took three of us one day, including our usual impeccable clear up.

Did you like our work reducing a London plane tree? If you would like to discuss how we can help with your trees, hedges, or climbing plants, please get in touch.

Reducing a London plane tree

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