Perhaps the tree in your garden has got too big. It might be taking too much light from your garden or your neighbour’s. Its size might be starting to worry granny. We can help. In the before and after photos below from reducing a silver birch tree you can see the result of what we call reduction by thinning: pruning back to significant branches thereby allowing increased light penetration while maintaining a natural shape with a smaller profile. The reduction in height is noticeable by comparison with the big wall on the right.

Reducing a silver birch tree
A silver birch tree before and after we reduced it.

Following best practice for this species we removed no more than one third of the leaf bearing structure: it keeps the tree healthy, reduces the chances of it growing back quickly, and looks better than a heavy reduction would have done.

All the cuttings were taken through the terraced house which as usual was left clean and tidy thanks to our having put down dust sheets and having taken care not to mark the walls.

If you like what you’ve seen here, and would like to discuss how we can help with your trees, please get in touch.

Reducing a silver birch tree

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