Pruning an olive tree

Here we have before and after photos of us pruning an olive tree, which is on the left in both photos. We also trimmed back the jasmine growing over the wall, removed it from the tall shrub between the two bay windows, and removed it from the satellite cables; it would soon have grown over the satellite dishes and started interfering with TV reception. We also reduced the height of the shrub and pruned it back from the neighbour’s window as it was blocking their light.

Pruning an olive tree
Olive tree before and after

Last but not least, after the right hand photo was taken, we cleared up the rest of the cuttings, put the customer’s bins back where we found them, packed up our gear and headed home for an ice cold beer.

If you like what you’ve seen here, and would like to discuss how we can help with your trees, hedges, shrubs or climbing plants, please get in touch.

Pruning an olive tree

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